Posts from: March 2012


Our omnipotent leader and country manager, Mr Robin Davies has today been featured on Exchange Wire, discussing why we should be re-thinking attribution and why the industry should be basing models more on statistical analysis.

We always have opinions and thoughts on how the market is progressing and it’s great to share these with a wider audience.  Digital marketing is supposed to have solved John Wanamaker’s question: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” But the reality is that while digital media is strides ahead of “old” media in terms of accountability, there is still some way to travel before we can give brands a wholly accurate account of the multiple variables that influence people’s online purchase decision-making.

You can read more about the issue on Exchange Wire, and if you agree with us don’t forget to get in touch.

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The latest PWC and IAB  mobile adspend study has been released.  This is the second mobile study that has been commissioned and it’s interesting to see how quickly the market has grown over a short period of time; Mediaplex has been looking into the mobile landscape for a while and in April 2010 we were investigating the rapid growth of the mobile market.  As a company, we’ve been following the trend in mobile and recently acted upon this in 2011 when ValueClick Inc. acquired Greystripe, ValueClick’s mobile display network.

Here’s a quick summary of the things we think are the most interesting:

  • 53% of mobile users now operate with a smartphone
  • The mobile internet audience is 24.6million (that’s 5.5million additional users since 2010)
  • Annual mobile adspend has increased 157% in the past year to £203.2 million
  • M-commerce is becoming more common; 24% of people said they had made a purchase with their phone
  • Mobile search is also increasing, in fact an average of 13.4% of paid for clicks  now come from mobile
  • Smartphone users have the TV on 35% of the time when they are using their phone, 51% of the time when they are using their tablets and 33% of the time when using their PC (a very compelling stat)
  • 90% of agencies feel mobile will be the fastest growing media for the next five years – our colleagues in the US found the same about the mobile market as well
  • The mobile advertising market is predicted to be worth over £1bn by 2015

The advertising market is always evolving, meaning more avenues for spend and more opportunity.  However it also means more data, more analysis and more targeting campaigns and programmes; so don’t get left behind, why not talk to us about how Mediaplex can help you gear your returns on spend in this growing channel 020 8785 5856.

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After a period of time where Sitelinks was unavailable via the Google API (features released in Google always take some time for them to become available via their own API) which resulted in time consuming work a-rounds, I’m pleased to say that Sitelinks has been fully integrated into MOJO SEM.

MOJO SEM now allows you to tailor and track Sitelinks and provides reporting on which Sitelinks are performing best.  Google Adwords doesn’t report on which sitelinks triggered a click and what the cost was, but we do.

Reports can be configured easily and can be integrated into your wider SEM strategy.  So if you’re using Mediaplex, you can read about how to configure your sitelinks here, or you can ask your Account Manager.

If you’re not using Mediaplex, here’s just another reason as to why you should be!

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