If you want cheap adserving, that’s exactly what you’re going to get!  Pile it high sell it cheap adserving. Vanilla adserving technology that does what it says on the tin, yes, but not a lot more than that.  For small advertisers this is not a problem.  For larger advertisers who make a lot of money from improving return on ad spend by 5% it is a disturbing problem, a keeping you up at night problem.  Digital budget owners have a fairly good idea about what they would do to make incremental return on their ad spends but they can’t always act on this because their adserver isn’t flexible enough.  Often budget owners know what questions they need answered but they can’t get those answers because their adserver isn’t flexible enough.  Often they can’t even get doable projects off the ground because neither their agency or their adserving provider has the skills or experience needed to apply the technology to meet the marketing objectives.

If this is all too familiar to you and you thought that there was no alternative then you must watch this short video of advertisers like Dell and Betfair and learn about their experiences, good experiences!

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